White Ranch Recap

Fourteen gurlz came out to tackle the gnarly trails of White Ranch last Tuesday, June 18th for our June Advanced Ride.

Pre-Ride - everyone minus Jolie and Stacy, who were running late but caught up (photo cred Tracy)

It was an impressive group and if you were one of the guys out there riding that night, only be passed by a veritable flock of gurlz, you experienced a rare treat. It's not often one sees so many talented female mountain bikers all in one place! I for one was inspired!!!

We rode up the Belcher Trail.

Lush greenness (photo cred Tracy)

And kept going up Belcher.

Kristin cranking up the never-ending Belcher (photo cred Lani)

We regrouped on the climb up Belcher.

We weren't even CLOSE to the top! (photo cred Lani)

Then we climbed some more up, ... to what looks like the top.

Stacy smiling because she THINKS we are at the top! (photo cred Megan with my camera)

Kristin and Allison hanging out at the false summit (photo cred Megan with my camera)

But we were only halfway up to our destination - the top of Mustang Trail; to get to it we had to climb quite a bit more up Belcher.

Still more Belcher to get to the top of Mustang (photo cred Lani)

The trail soon turned to single track, presenting us with tall water bar ledges and steep sections. We continued up.

Taryn looking dreamy - she must be enjoying the climb!

We regrouped again and STILL weren't up to the top!

Finally - the top!

Jolie looking SUPER happy to finally be at the top!

Then the really fun part began (OK - climbing can be fun to, but downhill is where it's at). The Mustang Trail is steep and loaded with rocky drops and water bars that constantly test your focus and skill. Thanks to Tracy for actually taking pictures on the Mustang downhill - I was having too much fun to stop!

Meredith rockin' her new Safire on the Mustang downhill (photo cred Tracy)

The downhill took us back to the intersection of Belcher and Mustang, where we had been earlier. Clouds had been building up and we decided it would be prudent to head back down Belcher and not dally on some of the other fine trails up top.

Kelly wrapping up the Mustang descent with some ominous clouds behind her

The descent down Belcher is super fun, especially after the pain of climbing UP it! We hustled down and would have made it before the storm hit but for a mechanical on the descent. Despite the crazy end to the ride of wind, hail and lightening, it was a fantastic ride with a bunch of fantastic female mountain bikers!

Thanks to all who came out. Hope to see you next week at Hall! Here are links to more pictures:



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