June 18th Ride - White Ranch, Golden, CO



Looks like the weather just might cooperate with us tonight. The ride is ON! See you at Savers parking lot at 5:15 to carpool, or at the East WR parking lot at 5:45 to ride!


Ladies, we plan on heading down to Golden for some techy riding at White Ranch (WR). This will be an ADVANCED ride, due to the steep, loose climbing and steep, technical descending. If you have not ridden WR and are unsure whether you are ready for this ride, my rule of thumb would be, if you feel comfortable descending most of Hall Ranch – Bitterbrush side (even with some sections walked), you should be fine riding at WR, just be aware there is a loose, steep climb at the beginning of the ride to get up to the fun stuff.

[If you feel like you are not quite ready for the WR ride, not to worry! The ride planned for the following week, June 25th will be a technical skills session at Hall Ranch for ALL levels! And we’ll work on climbing and descending technical terrain based on individual skill levels. There will be something for everyone, so mark your calendars! And, feel free to comment on this post if you want to try to get an informal group together to head to a more mellow trail for this week’s ride! Also, starting in July, we will be offering beginner rides on the first and third Thursdays of every month!]

Lets meet at 5:15pm at Savers parking lot (off of Broadway, just south of the intersection of Broadway and Table Mesa), to carpool to the trailhead. If you plan to meet us at the trailhead, be there by 5:45, ready to ride at 6pm on the dot!

(To get to the trailhead from Boulder, head south on Highway 93 to West 56th Avenue, turn left (west) on Pine Ridge Road and go about 1 mile to the EAST parking lot)

Dinner will follow at Ali Baba, just down Hwy 93 towards Golden.

Important Info about the Rides:

  1. The rides are free and open to everyone - you do not have to be a BMA member to participate in our rides.
  2. The ride is a "girls only - no drop" ride.
  3. All riders MUST wear a helmet, bring water, and have a trail-ready bike. Riders should also carry the usual basics: spare tube(s), a pump, tire levers, a chain tool, and basic allen wrenches.
  4. All riders ride at their own risk, group leaders take no responsibility for rider safety/injury.
  5. Riders must sign a liability waiver once during the season. If this is your first ride of the season, please bring a signed waiver with you or be prepared to complete one at the meeting spot.
  6. Rides launch at 6:00 p.m. so be at the trail head by 5:45 p.m., dressed and ready to roll by 6 p.m.
  7. If the weather is iffy (as it has been lately) make sure to check the blog after 3:00 p.m. on Thursdays for updated info.
  8. Please don't be shy about coming out - all of us love biking and would like to hang out with girls that are interested in biking.
  9. For permitting and planning purposes, please post your name in the comment field if you plan to join us. The comment field is also great for planning carpools, etc.
Hope to see you on Thursday!
Email me with any questions: bmagirls.rideleader @ gmail.com



  1. See ya at the trailhead. Nice to do a ride close to home!

  2. yay! glad you can make it lani! lets hope the weather is nice to us!

  3. I'll be at Savers with room for two pp and two bikes. I plan to stay for dinner, but depends on what time we finish the ride. Megan.

  4. super bummed I won't be able to make it. :(


  5. I'll meet at Savers too and will have space for a few more bikes/people. Jayme, this is in addition to you and your bike. Why don't I pick you up @ 4:50....

  6. oh, and of course i will meet at savers and can drive 3 bikes, 3 people... jen- wanna meet at my house? 4:55ish?

  7. I can be in at Savers by 5:15 with just bike. No problem staying for dinner, as long as I can catch a ride back to Boulder.

  8. I'm out this week. I had to go to Massachusetts unexpectedely but have fun for me!!!

  9. I'm IN! Tracy - I'll take you up on your carpool offer, but I think I should be there five minutes ealier just in case there's traffic through Boulder. 4:50, OK?

  10. I would like to go but will need a ride - my car is in the shop. Does anyone have room? I can be at Savers at 5:10

  11. I have room in my car Susan - red Toyota pu

  12. Oops, I guess I should mention that I plan to stay for dinner - does that work Susan and Jayme?

  13. i'm up for the ride tomorrow, but since i'll be going home to westminster after the ride instead of boulder, i'm not sure if i can carpool...so i'll probably just see you all at the trailhead!

  14. I would like to stay for dinner also. Thanks Liz

  15. I'm gonna do it!!! Finally!! Will be at Savers at 5:15 w/o a car and would like to stay for dinner.