Gurlz Rockin' Walker Ranch June 4, 2009

Once again, the rains disappeared just in time for the Boulder gurlz to have a fantastic ride! Ten gurlz showed up.

The entire group before the ride

Everyone rode Walker. It was a talented group and we had no problems finishing well before dark, even with multiple stops to play on some of the techy sections. I took a gazillion pictures, as did other riders, so I am only posting a subset here. Others have posted on Facebook and I am posting a bunch of mine and a select few I stole from Facebook here on my Picasa Website and here on Tracy's Picasa site.

We rode the loop counter-clockwise, which started with a downhill.

Liz ripping the first downhill (I finally got some good pics of Liz!!!!)

Elizabeth on the DH

Then there comes a climb.

Susan and Liz cranking up the first climb (I tried to get more pics of Susan but she was a fast rider and was right behind me at every turn!)

More climbing follows, including some challenging technical sections to play on.

Nancy on a big climb (photo cred Tracy Phelps Emmanuel)

Darcy rocking the climb

Tracy and I tried this section a couple times - I KNOW we can do it! (photo cred Elizabeth Pike)

Tracy doing the rock-o-rama! We will be back sucker! (photo cred Elizabeth Pike)

Finally the climbing ended and we had some sweet downhill!

Liz on the fun descent

Tracy showing FOCUS!

Gurlz regrouping after a techy section

After all that downhill, we still had the Bike Portage to descend. This section down to the Creek is not ridable, although there are portions that you sometimes think could be ridden....

Michelle coming down the stairs before the Bike Portage, wearing an Oh $hit face!

OK - this is NOT one of the places that I contemplate riding! Dang it's steep!

I thought about riding this part...

But not this part.

After the creek, we went back up, up, up! First on a rocky jeep road and then up through the forest with tight twisty switchbacks. Not many pictures here, as it was two miles of BRUTAL climbing! The final part of the loop provides a nice up and down finish to the trail head.

Tracy finishing up the ride

Darcy -super stoked she RODE that line! Way to go gurl!

Lori riding to the finish on what turned out to be a beautiful night!

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  1. Fun pics! We have some awesome photographers. That was a great ride - thanks everyone.