We have Moved!

The Gurlz Ride Blog has moved over to the new Boulder Mountainbike Alliance web site at bouldermountainbike.org.

The website will primarily take the place of the wiki page and the blog we used before to announce rides and coordinate carpooling. PLEASE log on and sign up for a web account using "Register" in the upper right hand corner of the website if you have not already done so. You do not have to sign up as a BMA member first (but you can if you want; it's easy and super cheap!).

Once you have registered for the BMA website, go ahead and join the Gurlz Ride Group by:
  • Clicking on "Social Rides" at the top of the page.
  • Then click on "Gurlz Ride" either on the right side of the page or the middle of the page.
  • Finally, click on the green button that says "Join this Group"; follow any instructions prompted.
Easy Peasy!

We will be using the new website to set up rides through an Event Calendar. We will coordinate carpooling using comments to the Ride/Event.

The blog has been relocated to reside inside the BMA website and we'll use the blog to share photos after each ride.

One super nice feature of the new website is a module that lets all of you suggest an event! This way, you can schedule your own rides in addition to the weekly rides we set up for Thursdays. You can even suggest other events like parties and what not! There's lots more! I'll be sending out additional information so everyone knows how to use the new system (don't worry - it will be painless!).

Please check out the new BMA website and join the group! In there you'll soon find an announcement about the upcoming BMA Banquet, a swanky event you won't want to miss! We'll even have a couple of tables reserved for all of you ladies (and your dates).

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