White Ranch--this will be a hot one!

This Thursday, June 24 we will head south and tackle White Ranch. As with past rides, we will break into 2 or 3 groups. Everyone will meet at the lower White Ranch Trail Head off Pine Ridge Road. To get there, take Highway 93 south from Boulder toward Golden. After the stoplight at W. 58th Avenue, take your first right onto 56th Avenue. Follow 56th until it Ts at a stop sign, and take a right. The parking lot will be just ahead.

First, I need to ask for a few volunteers to help out with this ride. We lost some of our regulars for this week, so we are short on leaders and sweepers for additional groups. If anyone is familiar with the Belcher Hill trail and would like to lead or sweep, feel free to email or post in the comments.

One group, those of you with experience riding White and feeling sprightly, will make its way all the way up Belcher Hill. Make no mistake, this is a serious slog, so don't worry if you're not feeling up to it--there will be other opportunities to bust a lung. This group will probably descend one of the more technical trails back to the bottom, so if you are not comfortable riding down the Bitterbrush trail at Hall Ranch, it may be better to join one of the other groups for the day. We will break into one or two more groups which can spin up Belcher for as long as they like, then head back the same way (the ride down is fun!)

If you would like to carpool, please meet at the Whole Foods parking lot (Broadway and Baseline) at 5:15PM.

Dinner and drinks TBD after the ride.

Important info about the rides:

  1. All riders MUST wear a helmet, bring water and bring a trail ready bike. Riders should also carry the usual basics; spare tube, a pump, tire lever, a chain tool and basic Allen wrenches.
  2. All riders ride at their own risk. Ride leaders take no responsibility for rider safety/injury.
  3. Riders must sign a liability waiver once during the season. If this is your first ride of the season please bring a signed copy of the waiver to the ride or be prepared to sign one at the meeting spot.
  4. Rides launch at 6:00PM, so please be at the ride spot at 5:45PM, dressed and ready to roll at 6:00PM.
  5. If the weather is iffy please make sure to check the blog at 3:00PM on Thursdays for updated info.
  6. Please don't be shy about coming out. All of us love biking and would like to hang out with girls that are interested in biking.
  7. For planning purposes, please post your name in the comments section if you plan on joining us. The comments section is also great for planning carpools, etc. If you cannot access the blog post, let us know you will be there by emailing us at the email below
Hope to see you Thursday!

Post in the comments section or email bmagirls.rideleader@gmail.com with questions.


  1. I will be there, and I'm looking forward to it! Am happy to 'sweep' the B Group if no one else wants to do it, although I am not familiar with the trail. I also just got new shoes and pedals and am still adjusting to getting in and out of them, so I may be needing someone to 'sweep' me just to make sure I don't get dropped with all the falling I'll be doing ;)

  2. Hi, I would like to join you again, but need to car pool again. Could anybody give me a lift from the carpark at 5:15?


  3. I think I'm gonna join you! I can sweep the slower group if you need more sweepers. Not terribly familiar with the trail, but somewhat.

    I can carpool from the 72+93 area if anyone is interested.

    Rachel B.

  4. I'd like to ride the Big Hill and come down via the Fun Steps. And I'd like to catch a ride with whoever has room. I don't know the trail system up there, so I probably shouldn't sweep. See you tomorrow!

  5. I'll be at the carpool spot.

  6. I will not be there (boo!), but you ladies have fun. Bring lots of water and don't forget to wear your sunscreen - Belcher is mostly out in the open with little shade. For those offering to sweep the B group, it is impossible to get lost if you stick to going up and then down Belcher.

  7. I'll be at the carpool spot and can fit one girl + bike (maybe 2).. can also help out with leading/sweeping if needed.. although i've only ridden wr a couple times. yeeehaaa!

  8. I'll be meeting at the trailhead, since I live south of Boulder. Gonna be a good time!

  9. I won't be able to make it this week either, next week for sure!! Have fun out there!

  10. I'll be there. I've never ridden White Ranch so this will be an adventure.

  11. I'm a bit nervous but I think I'll give this one a shot! I'd appreciate a ride if anyone has extra room in their car for me and my bike...

  12. I'm nervous too Lauren, we should expect nothing but be prepared for ANYTHING!! I can give one lady and her bike a ride...

  13. Great, hope to catch a lift with one of you ladies.

  14. I will be at the carpool spot. See you all soon!