Lyon's Bike Park Recap

Wow! what a night! We had a group of over 20 ladies working on technical skills with Lee McCormack!!

Lee, the lone man for the evening, dolling out instructional advice (photo cred Tracy Emmanuel)

Lee surrounded by over 20 very attentive women (photo cred Jamie Costa)

We worked on some basic, but very important, weight transfer technique on flat ground, then moved to braking and finally on to terrain pumping, with a little instruction on ascending and descending technical terrain.

Lee showing us how to lower our posteriors the right way (Photo cred Jenifer Kwasniewski)

All us gurlz lowering our hips the right way - Utkatasana-style (photo cred Jamie Costa)

Practicing proper fore and aft body position (photo cred Jenifer Kwasniewski)

Practicing braking at high speed (photo cred Jamie Costa)

We played on the rocks, incorporating proper body position, good arm position and braking (photo cred Jenifer Kwasniewski)

With Lee's insightful instruction all the ladies came away with added confidence as well as some great exercises to work on!

We finally concluded the evening's session when we started running out of daylight, even though we all wanted to go on! (photo cred Jenifer Kwasniewski)

If any of you ladies are interested in taking part in a smaller, more focused clinic with Lee, please email, because we will be working with Lee to set up a series of technical sessions.

Click here for a whole lot more pics from the evening!

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