Heil Ranch Recap

12 strong riders turned out for our last ride in August - a jaunt up and down Heil Ranch. We broke into two fairly well matched groups and rode up the Wapiti Trail. At the juncture of Ponderosa Trail, the first group headed up to make a loop on super fun Wild Turkey. I believe the second group rode up and back down on Ponderosa.

Most of the ladies regrouping at the Wapiti/Ponderosa Intersection (photo cred Jenifer)

Rachel and Liz getting ready to take off again (Photo cred Karen)

Another Rachel! (photo cred Karen)

Miraculously, both groups ended up at the bottom of the Wapiti Trail at the same time! Everyone looked like they had a great time! In fact, one gurl, who hadn't been on her mountain bike in years, could not stop proclaiming enthusiastically how much FUN she was having! The weather was perfect and we managed to make it up and down well before dark, although I had to stuff my sunglasses in my jog bra toward the bottom of the descent, as it was getting darker in the woods.

Please note - it's getting dark earlier and earlier every night, and therefore difficult to complete a ride without lights. Consequently, we will be hosting only two more rides this season - September 3rd and September 10th (more info soon). We'll celebrate a long season of fantastic riding with an end of year party TBA soon!

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