Picture Rock Recap

We had a small, but fantastic turnout for last night's ride on the Heil Picture Rock Trail. Although many gurlz seemed to be scared off by the threat of rain, the precip held off and the trails were in excellent condition! We were joined last night by the Luna Chix. These ladies were fun to ride with and provided valuable information on women's health issues we all need to be aware of. Plus, they provided Clif products for us to sample - YUM!

The cloudiness made it tough to take good, focused pictures, but here are the ones that turned out best (perhaps Cynthia has some good ones too):

Gurlz comin' round the bend!

Liz riding by the old jalopy

Jen (the Luna Chick Jen - not me) rockin' it on some techy

The hills sure are green this time of the year!

Gurlz regrouping

Cynthia sez: my picture taking skillz aren't the best - but here's some of the ones I got:

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