July 8th - BETASSO

Sorry to cancel, but after the heavy rains yesterday and the showers off and on this afternoon, I'm afraid the trails will be too wet to ride without doing damage. We'll try again next week!

This Thursday,
July 8th, we are heading up the Canyon to Betasso. We will start with two groups, one will ride from the Justice Center on Canyon up the connector trail and the other will meet at the Betasso trail head. Both groups will convene at the top of Betasso near the facilities and from there we’ll break into groups based on skill/motivation that day/friends you want to ride with/whatever.

If you plan to ride the connector trail, be aware the trail is steep/loose in some sections. This section of trail is considered intermediate/advanced, although the Betasso loop at the top is a beginner/intermediate trail. If you plan to ride the connector, meet at the Justice Center, 1777 6th Street, be ready to ride by 5:00 PM.

If you plan to meet at the Betasso trail head be there at 5:45PM, and be ready to ride at 6PM. Use the comment field below to coordinate carpooling. May also want to carpool from the Justice Center (meet at 5:20, ready to roll out at 5:30pm).

Dinner and drinks will follow at Chipotle/SmashBurger in 29th Street Mall.

Important Info about the Rides:

  1. All riders MUST wear a helmet, bring water, and have a trail-ready bike. Riders should also carry the usual basics: spare tube(s), a pump, tire levers, a chain tool, and basic Allen wrenches.
  2. All riders ride at their own risk, group leaders take no responsibility for rider safety/injury.
  3. Riders must sign a liability waiver once during the season. If this is your first ride of the season, please bring a signed waiver with you or be prepared to complete one at the meeting spot.
  4. Rides launch at 6:00 PM so be at the trail head by 5:45 PM, dressed and ready to roll by 6 PM.
  5. If the weather is iffy, make sure to check the blog after 3:00 PM on Thursdays for updated info.
  6. Please don't be shy about coming out - all of us love biking and would like to hang out with girls that are interested in biking.
  7. For planning purposes, please post your name in the comment section if you plan to join us. The comment section is also great for planning carpools, etc. If you cannot access the blog post, let us know you'll be there by emailing us at bmagirls.rideleader@gmail.com.
Hope to see you on Thursday!

Post in the comment section or email bmagirls.rideleader@gmail.com with any questions.


  1. Hi all, I'll meet you at the trailhead...

  2. I'm in Telluride, so I'll have to miss this week. See you all next week. Have a great ride:)

  3. I'll be at the Justice Center, keep an eye on the blog for updates on the ride if the weather is iffy! Also, we need a b group leader if anyone is interested. This group will meet at the top and ride one loop, maybe two.

  4. I am all over the connector trail! See ya at the Justice Center.

  5. holy buckets batman! (fav rain quote) I hope it dries up.. i'll meet you all at justice center. have fun in telluride, Liz!!

  6. i am gonna try to make it! (work and trail conditions permitting) :)

  7. How technical / difficult is the ride up from the Justice Center? I would like to try it, but don't want to hold the group up. I'm also wondering if there might be an extra spot in a car so I could ride the bike up but get a lift back down (I think I might be able to keep up on the uphill, but know I'm not as fast as the advanced group on the downhill!!) I'm also fine to meet at the top and take a few spins around the loop - one of my favorite trails.

  8. Who is carpooling from the justice centre? I would like to share a lift to the trail head if possible. Romy

  9. hey ladies! i will be at the justice center to ride up the connector!

    dawna- i think you will be fine to ride the connector! there are a couple steep loose sections that most people have to walk anyway, then some switch backs with a little bit of techiness thrown in... with your lungs, i'm sure you'll be fine! :)

  10. I am not going to make it. After several weeks straight of working on the new deck, family visiting, a business trip I just returned from last night and family back tomorrow, I need some down time with my honey.

  11. I'll be there, weather permitting. It'll be my first time riding with you all - I know Cynthia. I was planning on going directly to the trail head (no connector trail for me - tried that before a few years ago). I could give you a ride back down, Dawna. OR I could carpool with someone from the Justice Center. Just need to know what time to meet for carpooling (5:30?).

  12. I'm sorry but I won't make it tonight. I loved Sourdough last week, though... thanks for a great ride all. Helen

  13. how about all the folks wanting to carpool up to the trailhead - meet at the justice center at 5:20 ready to roll out at 5:30pm. sound good?

  14. 5:15/5:20 sounds perfect! See you at the Justice centre to car pool to the trail head. Romy

  15. Sorry ladies - called Ubikes and they said it had been raining there this afternoon... given the heavy rains yesterday and the trails getting wet again today, i think it would be irresponsible of us to head up there with a large group.

    Next week is West Magnolia in Nederland! Fingers crossed for good weather!! :)

  16. I'm so excited for a NED ride! See you guys next week! Tamara

  17. Hi - I'm new to the area (moved this year from Conifer) and am looking for some outdoor-lovin chicks to mtn bike with - mind if I join up with you for your Nederland ride? - Leslie Jorgensen