July 16th Gurlz Ride at Doudy Draw/Springbrook

This week's ride is a tour of the trails on the west side of Highway 93 in south Boulder. We will ride some of the newer trails in the Boulder system, including the Springbrook loop. This ride features swoopy fun trails with beautiful views of the Flatirons. The trail is beginner-friendly but fun for more seasoned riders. We will likely split into groups based on skill level, so beginners and more experienced riders alike are encouraged to come out - everyone will get a good ride in!

To carpool, meet at the Justice Center in Boulder, 1777 6th St, Boulder, just off of Canyon. From there we will head to the Doudy Draw trail head. Be at the carpool spot around 5:25, we'll be leaving for the trail head at 5:30. If you want to meet at the trail head, take Eldorado Springs Drive west off Highway 93. The Doudy Draw trail head is on the south side of the road (left) and please be there ready to ride by 6:00 sharp.

Dinner and drinks will follow at Larkburger at 2525 Arapahoe (near Zolos).

Important Info about the Rides:

1. All riders MUST wear a helmet, bring water, and have a trail-ready bike. Riders should also carry the usual basics: spare tube(s), a pump, tire levers, a chain tool, and basic allen wrenches.

2. All riders ride at their own risk, group leaders take no responsibility for rider safety/injury.

3. Riders must sign a liability waiver once during the season. If this is your first ride of the season, please bring a signed waiver with you or be prepared to complete one at the meeting spot.

4. Rides launch at 6:00 p.m. so be at the trail head by 5:45 p.m., dressed and ready to roll by 6 p.m.

5. If the weather is iffy (as it has been lately) make sure to check the blog after 3:00 p.m. on Thursdays for updated info.

6. Please don't be shy about coming out - all of us love biking and would like to hang out with girls that are interested in biking.

7. For permitting and planning purposes, please post your name in the comment field if you plan to join us. The comment field is also great for planning carpools, etc. If you can not access the blog post, let us know you'll be there by emailing us at bmagrils.rideleader@gmail.com.

Hope to see you on Thursday!

Email me if you have any questions – bmagirls.rideleader@gmail.com


  1. I am in and will meet you at the trailhead.

    Elizabeth P

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  3. i am planning on it! i'll meet at the trailhead. jen, wanna carpool? i can drive b/c i will be bringing a bike for megan.

  4. Sure Tracy! What time shall I be at your house? 5:00-ish? Maybe a little before?

  5. I'll meet you at the TH! Megan

  6. I'm pretty sure I'll be there - if so, I'll meet you at the TH.

    liz s

  7. I'm in. Will see you @ TH. --Michelle Lopez

  8. I'll see you at the trailhead

  9. I just moved to Boulder a week ago but love biking and would like to join in on the ride tomorrow; I'll make sure to be at the TH before 6!

  10. jen- 5 is fine. see you then! looking forward to it, ladies!!

  11. hi! i will be meeting everyone at the trailhead!

  12. I should be able to make this ride since Dave just ditched our 'lyons pump track' date to go to his brew pub meeting. :(

    I will more than likely be late as I have to pick up my bike from the shop in North Boulder - so I'll just try to catch up to you guys. :)


  13. I will be there. See you at the trailhead.

  14. I'm in, I'll be at the TH...June